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The Television Receiver
  Temporal Basics
 Spatial Basics
End-to-End Model
Display Types
Receiver SNR
 Raster Scan
  Raster Scan, Interlace
Kell Factor
NTSC Metrics (Numbers)
Aspect Ratio 
 DC Restoration
Unified H V Sync

Now why Didn't I think of that?
In my younger days, I use to repair television sets for a living. But I gave it up after a short time because of the stress of dealing with my customers. Years later, a friend and I were comparing notes about our days as TV repairmen. I related how it really bothered me, when returning a set to the customer's house--usually in the daytime; and how the "lady of the house" would say how the picture had been "so much better" before the set broke, and before I worked on it--no matter what the problem had been. 

My friend said that had also been his experience; but that he had found a surefire cure that worked every time. He described how he would get behind the set, and while turning the Vertical Hold control--rolling the picture first one way and then the other--he would ask the Lady of the House to look at the "pictures" and tell him which picture looked the best. At this point she would get real serious and tell him: "no ... no ... go back one; one more... That's it ... No ...back one more. Oh ... yes... that's it ... that's it ... a perfect picture!"   --Now why Didn't I think of that?

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This, the first installment of Television Troubleshooting, deals with the operation minus the COLOR technology; this is done to reduce the complexity that Television Technology is rife with. Color will be the subject of the Next Installment.




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SAFETY --Introduction


UHF Antenna UHF Tuner UHF Frontend UHF Local Oscillator VHF Antenna Transmission Line VHF Tuner R.F. Amplifier Mixer Local Oscillator Channel Selector Picture I.F. Amplifier Video Detector AGC Circuit AGC Distribution wf-rf-amplifier-output mixer out wf-picture-if-out Video Amplifier CRT Contrast Control Brightness Control Composite Video 4.5 MHz Trap Sound I.F. Amplifier Sound Demodulator Audio Amplifier wf-sound-carrier-in-if-input wf-sound-if-output wf-rf-out-sound-carrier Video & Sound Carrier 150_Volt Power Supply HV Rectifier Low Voltage Power Supply Damper Diode Flyback Transformer Deflection Yokes Horizontal Amplifier Horizontal Oscillator Phase Detector High Pass Filter Horizontal Hold Phase Locked Loop wf-sync-sep-input wf-horizntal-oscillator-out Composite Sync Voltage Control Voltage wf-timing-feedback wf-horiz-sync wf-horiz-amp-output Vert Sync Low Pass Filter Sync Separator Vertical Oscillator Vertical Hold Vertical Deflection Amplifier wf-vert-sync wf-vert-amp-output wf-vert-osc-output Receiver Sound Section Raster Section Power Supplies Receiver Frontend Safety HV




Power Supplies

Receiver Frontend

Intercarrier Sound Section



UHF Tuner

UHF R.F. Amplifier/Mixer

VHF Antenna

VHF Transmission Line

VHF Tuner

VHF RF Amplifier


VHF Local Oscillator

Channel Selector

Picture IF Amplifier

Video Detector (AM)

Keyed AGC Detection

AGC Distribution

RF Amplifier Signals

Mixer Signals

Pic IF Output Signals

Video Amplifier


Contrast Control

Brightness Control


4.5 MHz Trap

Sound IF Section

Sound Demodulation

Audio Amplifier

4.5MHz Sound IF Input

4.5MHz Sound IF Output

Video & Sound Spectrum

4.5MHz Intercarrier Sound
& Video Splitting

150_Volt Power Supply

HV Supply, etc.

Low Voltage & Bias Supplies

Damper Diode

Flyback Transformer

Deflection Yokes

Horizontal Output

Horizontal Oscillator (VCO)

Phase Detector (AFC)


Horizontal Hold Control

Phase Locked Loop (PLL)

Sync Separator Input WF


Frequency Control Voltage

WF PLL Feedback

Horizontal Sync, HD

Horizontal Drive Wave Form

Vertical Sync LPF

Sync Separator

Vertical Oscillator

Vertical Hold Control

Vertical Output Amp

Vertical Sync Input

Vertical Output WF


Composite Sync, RS-170A

Warning High Voltage

UHF Local Oscillator